Uberhund is the product of a joint effort between three avid cyclists from Tennessee: Bert Hull, John McLauchlin, and Peter Knoop.

Bert Hull is the creative brain behind the company, as his career experience has been product development and engineering.  Bert has deep roots in cycling, having raced as a Category 1 cyclist for regional teams.  Bert worked with automotive composites as a design engineer developing brakes for NASCAR and law enforcement vehicles.  He spent the past 8 years as product development manager for Alpha Q composites designing products, working with Team CSC, and developing shapes and surface technology in wind tunnels.  In 2003, Bert pioneered the use of boundary layer control paints in cycling products to reduce drag by up to 4%.  Currently he enjoys both cycling and multi-sport events around the Southeastern United States .

John McLauchlin, as President, is the operational driver of Uberhund.  John is a war-seasoned U.S. Navy fighter pilot and, despite his war wounds and old age (we are smiling John!), is still an active racing cyclist with almost ten years racing as an elite amateur both domestically and internationally.  John also completed Ironman Kona and is an avid mountain biker.

Peter Knoop
 barely graduated from college but his background since then has been in finance and sales.  Peter raced as a Category 1 for over ten years both domestically and abroad, mainly serving as pack fodder but having a great time nonetheless.  Peter also competed domestically and abroad at the elite level in multisport events.

With our combined experience at hand, we often threatened to design our own products with desirable features that are missing from other top-line cycling products.  Hence Uberhund was formed, and we are launching our existence with the Blitz Aerobar.  We have had a great deal of success with it initially and preliminary interest in other developing products has been well-received.  Please do not hesitate to contact us anytime at our email addresses below with product feedback, criticism, or suggestions of any kind, as consumer feedback is the best source of ideas for improvement.  With this feedback we are best-equipped to maintain our edge over the mediocrity of the competition!


Thanks, Uberhund